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WP6.com - Free URL Redirection

FAQ and Help

Below are the answers to many Frequenly Asked Questions about WP6.com services. If you've got any question that are unanswered, use the email form on our Contact Page.

How do I get rid of the popup banner window?

You can get rid of all advertising on your URL by paying our $3.99 yearly subscription fee. See the Sign Up Page for more details.

The address of my page has changed; how do I change my WP6.com URL to point to the right page?

You can change the URL of your page by using the Modify Account feature, where you can change other data about your redirector as well.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

You can go to this page to have your password emailed to you instantly.

How do I change the name of my URL/Username?

To change the name of a URL, you'll have to remove the old one and create a new one with the new name. Contact Us to remove your old account.

Can I put www in front of my URL, like in the example URL:

Yes but it simply makes your URL address longer.

Can I purchase banner space on WP6.com addresses?

Yes! We sell banner impressions starting at a very low price. Please visit our Advertising Page for more details.

What is your policy about spam?

We maintain a very strict Zero Spam Tolerance policy. If we receive a valid spam complaint about your WP6.com URL, all accounts owned by you will be immediately terminated. No questions asked, and no refunds for paid accounts. Just say no to spam!

Zero Spam Tolerance

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