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"My traffic doubled because of my WP6.com URL! And I can't complain about free!
T.Santos - Kentucky

"I have my WP6.com URL printed on all of my business cards - thanks!"
K.Petty - Canada

"I just upgraded my account to ad free and I am very happy!"
J.Sangbud - California

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Advertise With Us

WP6.com - Free URL Redirection

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How Does it work?
To create your own free shorter URL, fill out our simple Sign Up Form. If your web site is on another server at a difficult to remember address, we will redirect people to your site with an easy to remember address.

For example:
Your Current Address:

Your New Address:

Cost: Free

If your current address is a full domain name like www.yourcompany.com, you can use this service to obtain additional personal addresses that will point to a page within your company web site, like http://wp6.com/keith. If you move the location of your web site to another server, you can update your WP6.com URL to point to your new location.

This service is also very useful for affilate programs that usually supply you a very long URL. Not only does this provide a short and easy to remember URL, but it also protects you against having your affiliate code bypassed, robbing you of receiving credit for those sales.

You can also register your WP6.com address in search engines so that they will always link to your web site, no matter where it is located. Your URL also includes meta tags and keyword options for free. In this way you will not have to explain to people that your web site has moved or change any stationary where it may be listed.

Why join WP6.com:
Instant activation
100% Free - no charge to you
Easy to remember URL
More professional image for your site
You choose ad-type for your name
Own the name forever
Modify your account anytime

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Still have questions?  Look through our Frequently Asked Questions.

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